Brennwagen GTX 3000 THE GIANT

Brennwagen GTX 3000 THE GIANT Barbecue & smoker

Brennwagen GTX 3000 THE GIANT Barbecue & smoker

This is THE GIANT from Brennwagen, 1 huge barbecue and smoker for up to 500 people, let's get this party started!
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Brennwagen GTX 3000 THE GIANT Barbecue & smoker

Hungry hordes looking in your direction. Have you made your Facebook party public? Have you really invited them all? Did you do that? Even better! But they are hungry. And you want to feed them. All of them. With this smoker. The GTX 3000 can handle 500 kg of meat for 500 people without sweating.

How is that possible?

Four barbecues for 2.5 square meters of barbecue wonderland, placed on a sturdy 4 mm stainless steel housing. Open the lid and the grids slide up to make loading the giant smoker easy for you.

The central coal pan and symmetrical double chimneys ensure an even heat diffusion in the room. With three thermometers on two levels you can follow the heat vertically and horizontally. Need a double check? The lid hatch and the room lighting are there for you. The stable chassis with double steering and hydraulic disc brakes makes the colossal cooker agile for the road and at work. Let the parties begin!


Fuel: Charcoal
Grid surface: L 1250 x W 550 mm 1st level, L 1300 x W 730 mm 2nd + 3rd level
Grill rack: stainless steel
Grill Rack Firebox: Central location
Material thickness: 4 mm stainless steel
Drip pan: GN 1/4 - 60 mm gastronorm
Lid: 2 lids for loading and operation, hydraulic support
Dimensions: L 1400 x W 1000 x H 1800 mm (with chimney)
Weight: 450 kg
Tires: 150/50 Low Profile Tires
Rims: 6.5 inch drop-center rims
Chassis: pre-control
Wheelbase: 730 mm
Drawbar: Detachable
Brake: disc brake
Chimney: removable (2x)
Handle: Mahogany
Thermometer: 3x 0 - 300 ° C

+ 3 levels
+ up to 500 people
Tray for the ashes with 3 smoke and heat vents

Eloxal Package / Carbon Package / black and white body color / special rims on request

More Information
Fuel Charcoal
Dimensions L 1400 x W 1000 x H 1800 mm (met schoorsteen)
Grillage Surface L 1250 x W 550 mm 1.Level L 1300 x W 730 mm 2. + 3. Level
Weight 450
Shipping 3-4 weeks
Material: Stainless steel
Warranty 2 years
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